Clear ideas, clear advice and clear strategies

for growing your business

How can I make my company more profitable? Add expertise and experience? Raise the finance I need to grow?

If you’re running your own business and ever ask yourself any of these questions, I have the knowledge and experience to help you. I am an entrepreneur who grew an innovative bedroom start-up into a thriving international company with a turnover of £3 million a year.

I have 15 years experience working with businesses and can give you practical business advice and help you develop business strategies to meet your business goals.

The Competitive Edge: affordable consultancy for small businesses

Are you a small business looking to grow? The Competitive Edge is my big-business consultancy service adapted specifically to make it affordable for small businesses.

Flexible business support and advice to suit your business needs.

Business Planning for Growth

Helping you set out precise business goals and develop a clear business strategy to attain them. Government funding is available through the GrowthAccelerator business development service.

Ongoing Business Consultancy  and Mentoring

Providing long term business advice, mentoring and coaching, and a personal business consultancy service addressing strategic and operational issues.

Raising Business Finance

Helping you create a business plan and working with you to raise business finance from banks or investors.

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What clients say...

“We went through the state of the business, strengths and opportunities then went on to develop a solid plan of attack. In particular, Barclay’s insights into how best to generate new business were incredibly valuable. ”

James Carroll, Founder & Lead Developer, Touch Fantastic Limited