Raising Business Finance

Investment, loans or grants

Raising finance at the most favourable terms

If this is the first time you’ve had to raise business finance, rest assured, it isn’t mine. I have successfully helped many businesses to raise business finance, and at the most favourable terms.

Raising business finance can be a challenge:

  • Calculating how much to raise
  • Seeking a  business loan or investment or grant
  • Preparing financial forecasts and business plan
  • Negotiating the best terms

I provide a complete service:

  • Work with you to develop your business plan, budgets and financial forecasts.
  • Help with introductions to banks and investors.
  • Assess all the alternative forms of business finance.
  • Help to prepare your presentation to banks and/or investors.
  • Accompany you to meetings if you wish.

Self funded growth

Often in developing a business plan to raise finance I find that the business can generate the funds it needs through profits on sales and so fund growth out of its own cash flow; saving on expensive loans.

Need help developing a business plan to raise money?
Email - barclay@reallyclear.co.uk

What clients say...

“Barclay’s strategic thinking, experience and candid overview have been invaluable to help us develop our business and become market leaders in our chosen market.”

Nick Shone, Managing Director of Cerberus Systems Limited