Cog Design Limited – A 5-Year Business Plan for Growth

Before we met Michael Smith of Cog Design was a sceptic when it came to business advisors or consultants: “I’ve always been very wary of business advice. I’d run our business for sixteen years and I’m pretty sceptical about quick-fix business consultants; I suppose I subscribe to the ‘…those that can’t, teach’ doctrine. But in early 2007 we made the decision to expand our business and we shopped around for business advisors who could help us achieve our ambitions.

I met with a few consultants and it was obvious that Clear Business Development offered the service that we needed. Barclay Thompson, has a great mix of ‘proper’ theory-led business advice and practical ‘been-there’ knowledge. Most importantly he listened to what I was saying about our companies rather than trying to impose pre-formed judgements.

Clear Business Development  put together a simple package of client and staff interviews, research and practical meetings with our Management team. Within a few weeks we’d worked together and created a solid business and marketing plan, based on sound research and real feedback.

Clear Business Development worked with us through the whole process, listening, adapting and putting forward robust arguments where they were needed. It always felt like we were working with them and they were giving us what we needed, not just what we asked for.

Now we’re into stage two and we’re working through each stage of a practical implementation plan. Clear are always on hand, offering business support and answering our questions.

We’re very much looking forward to a continuing relationship as we grow ever more successful, with their ongoing help and business advice.”

Michael Smith, Cog Design Limited