Steven James Guitars Limited – Business Plan and Marketing Plan to Raise Finance

Steven came to Clear Business Development for business advice and business support early in 2006 when he had the idea of leaving his job at Brighton’s Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre, to return to his native Tesside and open a music shop there.
Clear Business Development worked with Steven throughout 2006 and produced a detailed business plan and marketing plan, which not only provided him with a road map for developing the business but also helped him procure business grants from the local council.

The marketing plan which included strategies for linking with the vibrant local music scene and effective PR based on Steven’s experiences in the successful ‘80’s band Dogs D’Amour (top ten hit ‘Satelite Kid’) has helped the shop get rapid local recognition.

The shop opened in November 2006 and is now a highly successful retail business with a substantial online presence which can be seen at